Electronic Return Receipts

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As with most government agencies, the operating budget of Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus, Ohio, is stretched paper thin. Within its criminal traffic division alone, 12 staff positions remain unfilled, with little relief in sight. With that in mind, the Clerk of the Franklin County Municipal Court, Lori M. Tyack, believes that any innovation that promises to reduce operating costs and improves efficiencies must be considered. Clerk Tyack found that the Neopost “PrintMachine” software with its electronic return receipt capability could potentially create a significant time savings for staff and a cost savings to the City of Columbus as well.

Roy Ball, former Director of Operations for the Court Clerk’s office, said, “The Electronic Return ReceiptTM from the United States Postal Service® for Certified Mail® had the earmarks of a winner. We were paying $2.30 per piece for Certified Mail® and our annual volume is about 80,000 pieces. By adopting the process of receiving only the electronic notification, you save $1.20 per piece of mail. Given our volume, that equates to well over $90,000 a year in savings. To put it in staff terms, that equals two additional staff personnel.”

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