Productivity Made Easy

The DS-75 Folder Inserter system is the ideal productivity tool for any office or mailroom environment thanks to its unique low level noise and compact footprint. It draws its strengths from the successes of its predecessor the DS-70 with several enhancements providing additional value in key areas. Highlights are…

Greater Productivity

  • Increased processing speed
  • High capacity document feeder holding up to 725 sheets of 20lb. paper
  • High capacity vertical stacker holding up to 500 envelopes

Greater Mailing Application Flexibility and Support

  • Increased folding capacity
  • Support for barcode reading in personalizing transactional and marketing mail

Enhanced Ease of Use

  • New graphical color touch screen designed for novice users
  • Semi-automatic envelope separation setup
  • Sealing liquid level detection
  • Automated sealing capability
Features Specifications
Speed Up to 3,600 inserts per hour
Annual Volume 480,000 cycles
Envelope Specifications Min Max
Width 6.3″ 9.7″
Height 3.5″ 6.35″
Quality 20 lb. bond 30 lb. bond
Document/Daily Mail Specifications Min Max
Width 5.1″ 9.1″
Width if Production Fdr. 5.5″ 9″
Height 3.5″ 14″
Quality 15 lb. 42.5 lb. bond
62.5 lb. bond if folding
Insert Dimensions Insert ready for insertion should be at least 1/2″ less than envelope in width and at least 1/4″ less than envelope in height
Fold Formats 1/2 Fold (single fold)
C Fold (tri-fold)
Z Fold
Double Parallel
No Fold
Thickness 1 to 8 sheets (20 lb. bond) tri-folded or up to 10 sheets folded in single-folded (.1 or 2.5mm thick depending on application)
Physical Dimensions 18″W x 51″L x 29″H
Weight 3 stations 165 lbs.
Power Requirements Voltage 115V AC
Frequency 60 Hz

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