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MMS West carries a full line of postage machine ink cartridges, postage labels, and thermal roll tapes. We also stock the best local selection of wafer seal tabs for every tabber, and a variety of ink for your high speed address printer. For the most up to date pricing and fast local delivery, please call us at 775-331-5554 for all of your supply needs.


My Machine is not printing on my envelope or meter tape properly?

  • Remove the ink cartridges from the machine and wipe the inkjets with a damp cloth or lint-free towel. Replace cartridges.

My IWP Platform Scale is not weighing?

  • Zero out scale by pressing the scale button on the mail machine.

How do I Clear the Departments in WJ Series Machines ?

  • WJ60/90/65/95/110

    • From the Main Screen where it displays “HASLER”, “Supervisor” and “User”*
    • Select “Supervisor” and enter code – 9430
    • Select – #1 – “Security and Departments” and touch “OK”
    • Select – #4 – “Cleared Last All Departments” and touch “OK”
    • Select – “Continue”
    • Once data is cleared the system goes back to previous menu
    • Touch “Escape” two times
    • System is now back at Main Screen
    • * If operator is at “User” screen, then select “Menu” button, then select “Supervisor” and follow steps 2 to steps 8.


    • From the “User” screen, Select “Next” until display shows “SuperV
    • Select “SuperV” and enter “Pin Code” – 9430
    • Select “Dept”, display shows list of departments
    • Select “Setup”
    • Select “Reset” display shows, “Do you really want to clear all departments?”
    • Select “OK”
    • Select “Escape”
    • Select “Menu” or “Home”, should return to “User” screen
    • Select “Next”
    • Select “Exit”, display will show list of departments
    • Select appropriate department and process mail as usual.