Receiving & Tracking

Developed for Office Managers, Mailroom Supervisors or Mail Center Directors looking to “take control” of the receiving and delivery of incoming mail, neoTrak dramatically improves the management of your internal mail delivery process, increases department reliability via automation, and decreases costs with improved productivity.

neoTrak is an automated parcel receiving software designed to track important packages or documents from the point at which they are dropped off by the carrier at your facility to the point at which it is delivered to the intended recipient. neoTrak can also track internal movement of various materials within an organization (i.e files, equipment, office supplies, computers, etc.). neoTrak answers the question: “Where is my package?”


ODBC Connection – provides integration capability with any ODBC compatible database.

Custom Fields – offers up to ten user defined fields (fixed entry, memo type, or look-up entry).

Camera and Digital Graphic Import Utility – enables the operator to attach images to records stored in the system (i.e: for visitor log-in, or for inbound parcel logging to prove tampering and expedite damage claims).

Label Design Toolkit – allows the user to design custom tracking labels (including barcodes, text and logos) as well as customer visitor badges and asset identification tags.

Signature Capture Devices – provides proof of delivery (parcel, asset, office supplies) and visitor log-in information.

Hardware Options (printers, scanners, PCs, wireless headset)

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