Web Tracking System

Track Inbound Packages and Business Assets

Designed for businesses of any size, Web Tracking System (WTS) provides convenient services to automate your inbound delivery needs. WTS increases reliability, accelerates productivity and decreases costs attributable to your company’s internal delivery process.

Moving mail and packages is a two-way street. Outbound traffic is only half the story. When receiving important mail, packages and other inbound items requiring proof of delivery at your facility, the tracking process starts all over again. Manual processes are time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone.

With WTS, you can track and monitor the internal movement and complete chain-of-custody for every piece of accountable mail that your company receives.

Designed for businesses of any size, WTS provides numerous convenient services to automate all your inbound delivery requirements. It dramatically improves the management of your company’s internal delivery process by increasing reliability, accelerating productivity and decreasing costs.

Web Tracking System Features:

  • Tracks and monitors the internal movement of accountable mail parcels
  • Provides full chain-of-custody for all inbound assets in real time
  • Captures images of delivered parcels and mail, including damaged pieces
  • Imports employee databases
  • Provides auto-recognition of carrier tracking numbers
  • Choice of cloud-based or premise-based solution

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